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Friday, November 27, 2015

| Free | Young Thug Type Beat 2015 x Rae Sremmurd "Whoadie" | Prodlem

| Free | Young Thug Type Beat 2015 x Rae Sremmurd "Whoadie" | Prodlem 


 Video provided by Prodlem

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Use "Crowdfunding" To Start Your Project - People Will Contribute To Worthy Causes

I've always tried to tell people that you don't need your own money to make money OR to get a project started. It's true.

If you have a good idea or simply need help, people WILL be willing to help - with time, talent, OR money.

 * Even if it's your own music project, movie project, or event project, many people don't mind helping out.

Here are two popular ways to get your project started through "crowdfunding".



But, don't just sign up without researching! Surf the Internet and do your due diligence research.

Go to YouTube and type in "crowdfunding" and listen to what others have to say about it. Listen to the videos twice - or, even three times if you find a good one. Make sure you understand what "crowdfunding" and "crowdsourcing" are.

Check out reviews of the "top 10" or "top 5" best "crowdfunding" companies or websites.

And, after you get all of the facts and data you need - without OVER-researching - then, get your mind right and get your hustle on. Make it happen...

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SOUNDTRACK TUTORIAL: BMW M5 Street Drift! Giorgi Tevzadze (NeedForDrive_com) & Eric Davidovich (Smotra.ru) by zaRRubin

The thing I love so much about this video, actually, is the background music. But, the background music and visuals are so in tuned with each other, that this video is a great example to learn building your music soundtrack. I definitely have to give the editor his/her props on this project - it's hot.

Be sure to watch out for all the subtle sounds, effects, and background music where you may not notice low pulsating beats and bass. And, notice that although it's predominantly hip-hop, it's not all hip-hop.

Do the right thing: Keep expanding your mind and talents.

Video provided by Nfd Needfordrive

Published on Aug 7, 2012

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JABBAWOCKEEZ | Performance @ HHI's 2012 World Hip Hop Dance Championship Finals

There are two reasons why you need to watch this video:

Number one: it has some hot beats in it. If you know how to get some of these tracks or if you know a DJ or Producer that can create loops for you (or, re-create the sound - which is even better), then you'll have some hot hot hot beats to jam to.

Number Two (and on a deeper level): you can see that if you get organized and practice, you can eventually succeed or get enough recognition and exposure to be the Don or Diva of your Destiny.

Another reason why you should watch this video is that you can see how other artists plan and organized their music. The dancing is great. The music is great for dancing. But, consider how the music is planned and organized also. And, consider the type and pace of the music as well. It's not just random. The music helps to express every scene and every chapter of the story. You can see this concept well in the video: "BMW M5 Street Drift! Giorgi Tevzadze(NeedForDrive_com) & Eric Davidovich(Smotra.ru) by zaRRubin"

Video provided by OfficialHHI

Published on Aug 7, 2012

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